Heavy Transport Design

RLT Engineering Solutions provides engineering services in support of your heavy transportation needs.  In addition to identifying the optimal mode of transport (dollies, platform trailer or heavy duty OTR trailers), we offer the following capabilities:

  • Design of load securement (or tie-downs);
  • Route studies for heavy or over-dimensional loads;
  • Specification or design of systems to cross obstacles such as underground structures or bridges that lack the capacity to support loads associated with heavy transport;
  • Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO) design services;
  • Barge and rail car tie down design

Load Test Design and Equipment Certification

RLT Engineering Solutions provides the design of load tests for rigging it designs or rigging manufactured by others.  Load tests can be designed using hydraulic jacking systems or using static weights lifted by a crane or by an alternative lifting device.  RLT Engineering can provide turn-key load testing and certification services for your rigging devices.

Owner Services

RLT Engineering Solutions can provide its expertise in support of Owners or other stakeholders throughout the process of a particular project or outage.  Services include:

  • Third-party review of rigging and lift plans;
  • Oversight of rigging and lifting activities;
  • Front-end Engineering Evaluation and Design; and
  • Feasibility studies

Machinery Moving and Temporary Structure Design

RLT Engineering Solutions provides planning and design services for moving plant equipment and other heavy objects by means of sliding systems, heavy rollers and skates.  We also provide design services for temporary support structures, shoring systems, and temporary (portable) bridge systems.

Critical Lift Planning

RLT Engineering Solutions provides comprehensive lift planning services for lifts involving single or multiple cranes as well as alternative lifting systems such as hydraulic gantries and strand jacks.      Critical lift planning includes the following components:

  • Determine center of gravity of object being lifted if not provided;
  • Determination of required rigging to safely lift load;
  • Sizing and placement of the crane or cranes;
  • Load and crane movement details throughout the lift sequence;
  • Crane support design including the design of matting or shoring of structures;
  • Identification of obstacles, clearances, hazards and environmental issues such as weather that have the potential to impact the load handling sequence;
  • Comprehensive drawings and written procedures that outlines duties and aligns expectations of all parties involved in the lift; and
  • Supporting calculation package

Rigging Planning and Design

RLT Engineering Solutions provides planning and design of practical rigging systems using standard rigging hardware or customized fabricated rigging devices.  Design includes complete rigging diagrams and supporting calculations.  In the case of specialized rigging design, fabrication and load test drawings are also included.   Specialized rigging designs include high-capacity lift beams, modular spreader bar systems, lift frames, self-leveling lift beams, miscellaneous links and hardware to enhance the capabilities of existing equipment.