Determining the type and configuration of heavy transport equipment  to move a heavy load safely and efficiently can be a challenge.  Loads often have to be moved over bridges and other critical infrastructure or must fit under low clearances.  Our transportation plans consider these factors and also include the design of tie downs that ensure that the load is secured to the transport equipment throughout the transport operation.




Lift planning is increasingly recognized as a cost-effective means to improve job site safety by aligning expectations about lift sequence, roles and placement of workers and supervision as well as limitations on lift equipment.   In addition to improved safety, increased productivity and efficiency is often the result.  Our comprehensive lift plans consider all aspects of the lift activity from the ground supporting the lift equipment to the object being lifted and everything in between.

Developing a rigging plan for your lift is a critical step whether you are lifting a few hundred pounds or a few hundred tons.  A proper plan will eliminate guesswork and trial and error approaches that can lead to unsafe situations and loss of productivity.   Our rigging plans consider ergonomic effects on the riggers while utilizing the right combination of standard rigging hardware and , when necessary, may include the design of specialized lifting devices.